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Those who feel marginalized, pushed aside, or unheard should feel safe at AVC. In God’s love there is justice, compassion, equity, equality, intrinsic worth, and dignity for all.  AVC is a community where all followers of Jesus — young to old, single, married, divorced, widowed, of any ethnicity, of any ability, race, sexual orientation, and gender identity — who regularly participate in the life and Guiding Values of AVC are welcomed to consider all areas of leadership and service. The ground before the Communion Table is level for all, and all are welcome there.



We do our best to meet all people with love and inclusion, wanting to hear their story, share in their journey, and learn from them. People are given space to share and join in service together as they are comfortable.

One of AVC's nine Guiding Values


We are working to make AVC a place where everyone has an opportunity to explore what it means to follow Jesus, and we want that to include our LGBTQ+ siblings. Whether this is you or someone in your family, we want to do our best to create a safe  space for you to join into community with us.

We know that language matters. Please introduce yourself with your preferred name and pronouns. 

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