The Ancaster Village Church connection to Refugee Resettlement

The world is currently experiencing several enormous human displacements.  Just one of them, the Syrian refugee crisis has involved an estimated 9 million people who have been forced to leave their homes and communities.

Our church decided that we could not stand by and simply observe.  Our guiding values and our relationship with Jesus compelled us to be a people of action and response.  In early 2015 we began the process of becoming a private refugee sponsor, and in November 2015 we welcomed our family of four to Canada.  It has been an incredibly rich experience for us.  We have learned so much, been challenged, and grown in our understanding of what it means to be global citizens.  We also have some great new friends!

If we can do it, so can you.  We're not a large group of people.  We don't have a huge budget.  But we decided we had to do something.  And that's really what it comes down to; will you do something...anything?

When our family arrived for the first time in Canada, with tears in their eyes, they thanked us and talked of their new family and new beginning.  It is we who thank them, though.  Their story has drawn us into global awareness and responsibility.  Their story has given us the opportunity to be the church, to educate our children, and to work to be a demonstration of Jesus' love and compassion.

We also want to thank the great town of Ancaster for embracing our family; they have been overwhelmed by your support, kindness, and smiles.  One amazing example of compassion came from Ancaster Dental Arts.  When one of our family member's teeth required emergency help, they came to the rescue!  They helped us immediately and provided great care, and did it all free of charge!  We are so thankful for Dr. Nawfal and his team's compassion and care.  This business is one of the many reasons why this is such a great town!

If you have any questions about refugee sponsorship, our story, or our family's story, please be in touch.  In the news here and here.

We are now beginning a new resettlement process with another family. Stay tuned for more information and opportunities to help us out.

We had a great night eating, sharing stories, and raising funds for our next refugee resettlement.  Thank-you to everyone who came out in support.  #Ancaster #LoveThisTown

Stay tuned for information regarding the newest residents of Canada!

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