We have always wanted to be a community that works for and discusses issues of justice and compassion. However, the recent explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement, the reprehensible acts which preceded and caused it, and our ongoing desire to be involved in Settler / Indigenous reconciliation and justice here in Canada, have prompted us to delve deeper into addressing ways we can learn more, listen more, and do more. We want to be involved in calling out and correcting ways that racism and injustice remain a part of our culture, vocabulary, politics, and way of life. We are saying their names. As a mostly White church in an affluent Canadian community, we are doing our best to learn and to become a part of what love and redemption look like in the face of these wrongs. We acknowledge our unintentional involvement in systems of racism. We acknowledge and seek repentance for the "sins of our fathers." And we commit to doing what we can to learn and be involved in making our community, country, and world a better place for everyone.