The City of Ancaster has a rich and vibrant history.  "Established 1793."  But there were people living here long before then.  Did you know Wilson Street was once an Indigenous trail?  Have you ever wondered why for many people who are 35 and older, you didn't sit across from Indigenous peoples in public school?  We, as residents of Ancaster, are asking you to consider joining us in learning about the history of Turtle Island (Canada).  Through this powerful, experiential, and educational event, the Kairos Blanket Exercise tells the story of the relationship between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples.

Thursday, May 9, at Ancaster Village Church. 7pm.


The last time we hosted this event, 70 people from

the Ancaster area gathered.  It was a powerful evening of learning and


For more information about the exercise, click here and here.

The Kairos Blanket Exercise