Did you know Wilson Street in Ancaster was once an Indigenous trail?  Where did its first occupants go?  Ever wondered why for many people who are 35 and older, you didn't sit across from Indigenous peoples in public school?  We, as residents of Ancaster, are asking you to consider joining us in understanding our Canadian history of colonialism and working together towards reconciliation.

Next event: Thursday, May 9, 2019. Stay tuned for registration details.

The last time we did this: On Thursday, August 17, 70 people from

the Ancaster area gathered to learn the history of Indigenous

peoples in Canada, especially how it relates to issues of

colonialism.  It was a powerful evening of learning and

sharing.  Thanks to all who came out, to the volunteers from

Kairos, and to our Indigenous hosts.  There is so much more to do.

For more information about the exercise, click here and here.

The Kairos Blanket Exercise